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Bankruptcy AttorneyMore Americans are saddled with debt today than at any other time in history. It is not necessarily surprising, considering that many teenagers start receiving credit card offers in the mail years before they graduate high school. The deck is stacked against the average person, and far too many people find themselves under a mountain of debt – with seemingly nowhere to turn to escape it.

At Family Matters Law Group, we understand how overwhelming debt can be. Having helped numerous clients through the bankruptcy process, we have seen just how debilitating excessive debt actually is. Our passion for providing effective legal solutions drives us to work with clients from all walks of life – helping them find the right bankruptcy option for their specific circumstances. We are ready to do the same for you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is easily the most well-known form of bankruptcy to the average person. Designed to wipe the slate clean and allow you to move on with your life debt free, Chapter 7 is often the best solution you will find to eliminate your debt permanently. There are a few things you should know about Chapter 7 bankruptcy as you move forward.

In Chapter 7, many of your assets will be liquidated to pay off your creditors. Any debt leftover will be forgiven. Many people worry that the liquidation of assets will include the things they need to live their day to day life, like their car or their home. Fortunately, there are often assets that are not eligible for liquidation, and many times your car and your home will fall into this category. So you will not be completely destitute in order to eliminate your debt.

The second major concern with Chapter 7 bankruptcy is its effect on your credit. While your credit will certainly take a hit, there are usually workarounds for people in your situation that will allow you to still lead a normal life. For most clients, the short-term challenges from filing bankruptcy are well worth the relief that comes from being debt free.

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